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The Bar at Terra

Botanical cocktails inspired by the the elements and Italian landscapes

Terra’s cocktail menu celebrates the four elements of the earth, named after famous landmarks and features of the Italian land and seascape. At Terra Bar, we’re celebrating both local and Italian gin with serves of Gin and Tonics that take you on a trip around Italy.


Gin Gil, Italicus Bergamot Liqueur, San Pellegrino Citrus tonic, thyme, lemon leaf spray

Terra’s cocktail menu includes a shortlist of recommended serves for Italian Gin and Tonics. The selected list takes every gin lover on a trip around Italy, in this case, to Calabria. Gin Gil is distilled from barley and corn with juniper and superior Italian citrus fruits: lemon, grapefruit and sweet and bitter oranges. It has been paired with aromatic bergamot liqueur and zesty citrus tonic, garnished with herbs. The cocktail is spritzed at your table with natural lemon leaf essence to make the perfect refreshing aperitif.


Porcini and olive infused London Dry Gin, Antica Formula (sweet vermouth), Campari (bitter orange)

Terra is the perfect cocktail bar for Negroni lovers to discover, starting with this elegant twist of the popular classic. Il Bosco explores deep earthy flavours of authentic Italian porcini mushrooms, infused with local juniper-forward dry gin. The cocktail is prepared by throwing the ingredients from shaker to shaker to introduce oxygen throughout, enabling the flavours to open-up on your palate.


Dante Inferno Vermouth, (red wine based sweet vermouth) Vecchia Romagna (Italian brandy), Hibiki (Japanese Whisky), Homemade red wine reduction, Peychaud’s and Plum bitters, lavender smoke.

Terra’s cocktail menu is inspired by famous landmarks of Italy; Vesuvio is named after the volcano and employs a little smokiness as a prelude to the open fire grill that erupts at the heart of Terra’s kitchen. Dante Inferno vermouth is laced with baking spice, perfectly matched with delicate stone fruits of Vecchia Romagna and floral notes of Hibiki, lightly smoked with dried lavender.


Konik’s Tail Vodka, Laphroaig, Homemade Baladin cider reduction, lemon juice, Gazzosa, sage

Apples are Italy’s largest crop- over 2m tonnes of varying types of apples are produced per year due to the favourable weather and soils that enable the growth of healthy apple trees on Italian lands. This sustainable cocktail saves waste by reducing oxidised apple cider with gentle spice, and mixing with lemon juice and lemon soda, charged with vodka and garnished with sage. Peated whisky allows a little smoke to come through- overall pairing well with grilled pork! 

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