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Sourdough September

Make, bake and break the Eatalian way

Our bakery produces bread for all our Eataly restaurants, counters and the market using our secret ingredients: a custom-built wood-fired oven, freshly-milled flours and lievito madre, or mother yeast, from Italy.  Our master bakers are sharing the art, the technique, and the passion in following the time-honored (and time-consuming) 20-hour process of baking a loaf of bread.

Our bakers combine Mulino Marino flour with water and yeast to create genuine, artisan breads, prepared by hand every day in our wood-burning oven. All the stages of processing are done manually by our bakers and that is why every loaf of bread we make has a different shape and colour. Here are our most loved products!

  • The Rustic is Eataly’s best-selling bread. It is made with 50% type 0 and 50% type 2 (semi-wholemeal), naturally stone ground flour. It is the result of a process that takes at least 12 hours from making the dough to baking the bread. The result is very tasty and digestible bread, with a crispy crust and golden colour.
  • The Otto tondo [Eight round] owes its name to its shelf life and shape: its large round shape and the large amount of yeast in the dough mean it stays good for 8 days. It is rich in trace elements and water-soluble vitamins and made exclusively with natural stone ground type 2 Buratto flour.
  • Wholemeal bread is produced with “real” wholemeal flour. As the grain of wheat is ground whole by natural stone, all the most important components, such as fibre, water-soluble vitamins and the live germ, are preserved. Our wholemeal bread is made with natural yeast and fermented bread dough to increase its digestibility, taste and aroma.

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