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In conversation with Eataly’s new Executive Chef, Fabio Petrucci

An interview with Fabio Petrucci

Meet Eataly’s new Executive Chef, Fabio Petrucci. Having spent the last couple of years consulting as a chef, he also has extensive experience cooking at places like Home House, Annabel’s and Richmond Gate Hotel & Spa.

One of Fabio’s first big projects has been Eataly’s new Restaurant Fest, coming up for two weeks, from Monday 2nd until Sunday 15th May. This event will give you a chance to enjoy limited edition two course set menus, starting at just £19.50 for lunch and dinner across all Eataly restaurants. Customers can discover dishes at discounted rates, such as Eataly’s famous Tiramisu for just £5. Pair your meal with a glass of premium Italian wine for just £8, or try one of our sharing cocktails.

We grabbed a quick chat with Executive Chef, Fabio Petrucci to find out more about the menu.

Eataly is about to throw their first Restaurant Fest, can you tell us about this event? 

This 2-week food festival brings customers most loved dishes to the table. We’ve created cost effective two course menus that start at just £19.50, as we want to bring the wider audiences in to show that Eataly is affordable for all. This event is incredible for us because it will celebrate our 1-year anniversary and is the first time we’ll be a series of set menus like this. We are very excited to introduce our customers favourite dishes at amazing prices. 

Where did you get inspiration for the dishes that will be on offer at Restaurant Fest? 

As an Italian, whilst creating these menus I tried to really think about what Italian food is and what it means to me. To me, Italian food is all about simplicity, freshness and beauty. Each dish takes you on a journey, starting with something light and refreshing before moving onto something with a little more body for the main course and then finishing with something to cleanse the palette.  

We wanted to make sure we had 3 different experiences to match each of the restaurants, as they are all so unique. At Al Fresco you can find a menu that focuses on simplicity and fresh ingredients whilst at Pasta e Pizza, which is known for it’s pizza, you can find a special dough that is completely different to the Roman style pizza found at Al Fresco. The menu at Terra focuses on dishes from our wood-burning grill and each item is beautifully chargrilled with delicious BBQ flavours.   

What is your favourite dish on the menu? 

This is a tough question for me because I love them all. Each dish has a special identity and I have carefully selected and created each dish, that I would like to make at home or enjoy with my friends. 

Are there any dishes that could be recreated at home?

Yes, most of the dishes on the menu can be recreated at home. If customers are interested in trying any of our recipes, I would suggest asking your server at the restaurant for a recipe who would be more than happy to help. One dish that is quick and easy to make is the Frisella with cherry tomatoes. You can find all the ingredients for this dish in our market at Eataly too!  

Are there any specific regions in Italy that the menus take inspiration from? 

The menus come from all over Italy. We focus on seasonality, choosing only top quality fresh ingredients, to ensure each dish is made to the highest quality.

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