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Pizza and Prosecco Night

Enjoy a sharing menu of Pizza and Prosecco

Join us on Tuesday 15th March for a Pizza and Prosecco night. Our pizzaioli are passionate about making authentic pizza that transports your taste buds to Italy, the birthplace of pizza. To make our pizza, the dough is leavened for around 50 hours in total. We always use the best ingredients, including Italian tomatoes, organic flour from Mulino Marino and extra virgin olive oil. Our pizza is cooked at a high temperature in a wood-fired Marana oven.

Our head pizzaiolo, Francesco Masiello, has carefully selected a special sharing menu designed for two at Pasta e Pizza. The menu includes four unique pizzas, dessert and a bottle of Prosecco.


Tuesday 15th March

£45 per person



For this months Pizza and Prosecco night, each pizza is made using a different dough and cooking technique. From classic to romana and padellino.



fried pizza with tomato and parmesan

Spaccata Romana

Soft wheat flour with smoked beef, tuna sauce, endive and fried capers

Pizza al Padellino

Tomato dough with basil infused stracciatella, lime, confit tomato and anchovies

Pizza Classica

Our classic pizza dough with smoked scamorza, asparagus and pea cream

Cuoppo fritto

cuoppo with cocoa fried pizza bites and gianduia hazelnut cream

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