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Murcian Orange Negroni

Sample the City of London Gin range from our market

Wine Week

A celebration of Italian wine from every region, with special offers, events and masterclasses

Prosecco Festival

Join us for a celebration of Prosecco, but not as you know it!

Barolo & Friends

On Thursday 21st October, explore the world of Piemontese wine with a 4 course special dinner paired with wines

Caprese Autunnale

Warm pumpkin & fresh mozzarella with balsamic dressing

Sourdough September

Make, bake and break the Eatalian way

How to cook dry-aged meat

Because dry-aged beef has such an intense, unique flavour, it's best to cook it simply.


Ferragosto, the national Italian holiday that celebrates going on holiday… we Italians know how to enjoy ourselves.

Scamone Tagliata Recipe

In Italy, enjoying meat is all about quality and simple cooking that brings out the natural flavours.

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