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Introducing the Raw Bar

Visit our seafood bar, La Pescheria, offering fresh dishes from cappachio to oysters prepared every day by our specialists.

Visit La Pescheria on the first floor of Eataly (at the top of the escalators) and order from the raw bar. Our specialist team has curated an incredible menu, featuring oysters and fresh fish dishes for you to enjoy on your visit to Eataly.

Indulge in fresh oysters from the Kent coast, that arrive every morning at 5am. Try swordfish or yellowtail carpaccio, prepared with love and care. Enjoy these delicacies with carefully selected wine pairings, put together by our in-house sommelier. Wine paired with the some of the freshest seafood in London – there’s no better shopping break!

See our Raw Bar in action here…

Our Raw Bar is open every day of the week.

Carpaccio was first served back in 1963 in a small, renowned bar that sits in the heart of Venice – ‘Harry’s.’ Ever since, the dish has been a popular Italian appetiser, typically made with thin slices of beef.

Now, the dish can be tried throughout Italy with the finest beef and fish. It’s particularly prevalent throughout northern Italy, and is usually accompanied with sauces, lemon or simply a simple drizzle of the very best extra-virgin olive oil. You can even enjoy it with truffle, parmesan cheese and other oils.

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