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Music and Vermouth Nights, by Del Professore

Join us in the Terra lounge for a special tasting and try a selection of carefully chosen Gins and Vermouths by Del Professore. The Italian drinks brand creates ‘authentic’ vermouth made in the traditional manner, representing a style that was popular in the late 18th-early 19th centuries with superb quality raw materials.

“We met some of the best craftsmen, still capable of making these unique spirits that seemed to be disappearing, putting plenty of passion into the process,” their founder Leonardo Leuci said about the process. For this July, we will be hosting a series of tastings with Del Professore as well as offering a special Negroni menu, available exclusively in the Terra lounge.

For the tastings, be guided by brand ambassador Aaron Gilbert, who will be on hand to walk you through the chosen spirits available for the evening.  Learn about the process and making of each liquor and read up about the tasting notes. Also available will be the bespoke Negroni menu, available on Music and Vermouth nights only.*

*Please note, there is no additional charge for guests to try the Negroni menu. The £15 ticket is for guests to book in for a gin and vermouth tasting experience


Vermouth and gin tasting menu

£15 per person, availability at 6.15pm or 7pm for the tastings. Pre-booking is recommended by is not essential. Click below to book and find out more: 

Friday, 5th August at 6.15pm or 7pm

Also available will be a Negroni menu, that any guest drinking in the lounge can enjoy. Please see details below.

Negroni menu 

No need to book, simply ask your server on the night for the menu

Paradiso Negroni – £12

Vermouth De Professore Classico, Gin Del Professore Crocodile, white bitters infused with pink pepper and rose petal, topped with grapefruit spray

Purgatorio Negroni – £12

Vermouth De Professore Rosso, Gin Del Professore Monsieur, rosemary infused bitters and pine spray

Inferno Negroni – £12

Vermouth De Professore Rosso, Gin Del Professore Madame, bitter orange infused with cacao and a touch of Italian chilli 

Negroni Trio – £25

Try all three in ‘canape’ size

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