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Eataly Pasta has landed

Introducing Eataly’s first-ever line of pasta. 2,000 years of agricultural history, a 500 year old recipe, slow dried for 72 hours, cooked in 10 minutes: love at first bite.

Made with 100% heirloom Italian wheat and mountain spring water, these classic pasta shapes are the result of Eataly’s relationships with Italy’s finest pasta artisans, the result of a long and careful selection of raw materials, respect for the territory in which it is born, and the timing of the drying and production processes.

Our pasta is bronze-dye extruded for a perfectly textured surface, and slow-dried to preserve flavour. Pair them with your favourite sauces for a taste of simple perfection.

From today, 11 new pasta shapes await you in all our stores and online: spaghetti, linguine, rigatoni, tortiglioni and many more. All united by a single ingredient: high quality.

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