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BBQ from the market!

Ready to cook fish and meat from our fresh counters

Our butchers and fishmongers here at Eataly know how stressful hosting can be, whether it’s a BBQ, festive lunch or date night. So, they have decided to do the hard work for you with a brand new range of ready to cook fish and meat from our fresh counters. All the items are pre-cut, marinated and prepared, ready for you to pick items from our market to complete your meal, cook them at home and enjoy! Please find our range of items below:


From our butcher

Pork skewer marinated in fennel seeds and paprika

Bombette with pistachio and rabiola

Bombette with nduja and ricotta

Mint and lemon pork skewers

Southern marinated Italian beef skewers

Lamb skewer marinated in salsa verde

Lamb steak marinated in salsa verde


From our fishmonger

Cod marinated in Mediterranean herbs

Salmon marinated in chilli and fresh herbs

Salmon marinated in lemon, orange and fresh herbs

Tuna marinated in spices

Citrus prawn skewers

Salmon and scallop skewer


*All items are subject to change.

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