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Ferrari Trento #ToTheMaximum

It was 1902 when Giulio Ferrari decided to set up a small winery in Trento, sensing the enormous potential of the local mountainsides for the cultivation of Chardonnay, the ideal variety for creating outstanding sparkling wines.

Today, in Italy, Ferrari Trento is synonymous with celebration, thanks to an uninterrupted series of awards and accolades that confirm every year what Giulio Ferrari had dreamt of more than a century ago: creating a wine capable of challenging the finest Champagnes. 

A real “familiarity with excellence”, as well as an innovatory spirit and an intimate rapport with the terroir of Trentino are the values which, after Giulio Ferrari, have also always guided the entrepreneurial vision of the Lunelli family, at the head of the company for three generations. Today this translates into a continuous quest for quality, an always dynamic approach towards the brand, and a major commitment with regard to sustainability.  

120 years of history and a gaze towards the future 

For Ferrari Trento, which just a short while ago celebrated its 120th anniversary, it is clear that the company must not limit itself to creating value for its shareholders but also generate wellbeing, security and beauty for those who work in the company and for the local community, thus demonstrating social responsibility and great attention to the environment.  

This commitment began more than a decade ago and has since been translated into organic and Biodiversity Friend certification for all of the company’s own vineyards, the drafting of the protocol for its grape suppliers titled “The Ferrari Vineyards – for sustainable and healthy mountain viticulture” and, today, also certification of the firm’s (scope 1, 2 and, partially, 3) Carbon Neutrality. Ferrari Trento’s emissions are certified and compensated by Climate Partner – the worldwide organisation specialising in the evaluation and solution of problems regarding climate change – in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, one of the best-known international conventions.  

This objective, which annuls the climatic impact of the company’s direct emissions, has been achieved thanks to a series of decisions – begun several years ago – that are designed to reduce emissions, including the creation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof of the winery and the acquisition of electrical energy exclusively from renewable sources, combined with a programme of compensation with certified carbon credits.  

“We are particularly proud that the 120th anniversary of our winery coincides with the attainment of Carbon Neutrality,” declares Matteo Lunelli, President and CEO of Ferrari Trento. “For over 120 years we have had a virtuous rapport with our local area, which we wish to promote and protect. While we celebrate our history we also want to look towards the future; we therefore have a responsibility to make our contribution to the fight against climate change.” 


Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs: the new direction  

That of the Lunelli family is a farsighted entrepreneurial vision, which allows them to outline ambitious yet concrete objectives such as, for example, in the case of the launch of the new Ferrari Maximum line. Taking its cue from one of the company’s historic wines, it has been revitalised in a contemporary manner, playing with the idea of #ToTheMaximum, which aims to celebrate each person’s most significant emotions and the moments that represent “The Maximum” of their particular lives . 

“Maximum” is a symbol of the innovatory spirit of Ferrari Trento. It was in fact the first wine produced at the beginning of the twentieth century by Giulio Ferrari, the founder of the winery, but still today it encompasses the company’s passion and experience for the cultivation of Chardonnay grapes, which find one of their maximum expressions in this Trentodoc wine. 

Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs is a Trentodoc of great character, which is made from Chardonnay grapes from mountainside vineyards and matures for 30 months on its lees before offering, on the nose and palate, an appealing freshness and attractively fragrant fruit. Perfect as an aperitif, it is very versatile and pairs deliciously with a wide range of dishes. 

The Maximum collection, which also includes Ferrari Maximum Rosé and Maximum Demi-Sec, is a new invitation by Gruppo Lunelli’s winery to savour every sip and to experience every moment #ToTheMaximum in the true style of Ferrari, which has always been an ambassador for the Italian Art of Living. 


In the pantheon of the world’s sparkling wines for the fifth time 

Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs actually took home one of the Gold Medals that enabled Ferrari Trento to win for the fifth time the title of “Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year” in the most important international competition devoted to bubbly wines, The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships, created and presided over by Tom Stevenson, the world’s major expert in this field. 

The title of “Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year” is awarded to the winery that obtains the greatest number of medals. In the 2022 edition, Ferrari Trento dominated with 11 Golds and contributed in a fundamental way to the success of Trentodoc – which proved to be the most prize-winning terroir in Italy – and of Italian sparklers in general, in a competition that judges more than a thousand wines each year, coming from over 30 countries. 

“Many producers enter more wines each year than Ferrari Trento does; one of them participated this year with twice as many. So, it’s not just a question of numbers: it’s about the strength and constancy of the quality that those numbers demonstrate,” commented Tom Stevenson on yet another success for Ferrari Trento. 

This is also a particularly important result because it rewards the breadth and excellence of the whole of the Ferrari range, demonstrating the dependable level of quality which, due to meticulous care of every stage of production, the company succeeds in maintaining year after year in all its Trentodocs, from the non-vintage wines to the Riservas. 

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