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Eataly’s new signature chocolate collection

An entire product range designed by Eataly for the truest of chocolate lovers using the highest quality ingredients.

Discover our signature chocolate collection from classic chocolate bars to truffles and gianduiotti. Taste milkhazelnut, and dark chocolate in different formats and percentages up to 90% cocoa.

Eataly’s signature chocolate bars:

  • 38% Milk by Eataly offers milk chocolate bar, made with 38% quality cocoa and specially selected ingredients to create a sweet and enveloping mixture that will conquer all palates.
  • Hazelnut Bar offers delicious milk chocolate enriched with hazelnuts, for an extraordinarily delicious and extra crunchy bite. Made with selected raw materials and Italian hazelnuts, this bar satisfies the palate from the first bite, thanks to the perfect combination of the enveloping of milk chocolate and the typical crunchiness of hazelnuts.
  • 70% Dark contains a minimum of 70% selected cocoa, elegant, delicate and aromatic on the palate, is made with a few simple ingredients (cocoa mass and cane sugar).
  • 70% Dark with rare and refined Criollo cocoa has an intense and persistent taste. The result of a rigorous selection of the best cocoa beans, with the addition of brown sugar and fine Criollo cocoa (22%), to obtain a truly special chocolate with an intense and authentic flavour.
  • 80% Dark has all the taste and aroma of the best dark chocolate, with a minimum of 80% cocoa.
  • 90% Dark has a very low concentration of sugar and a high percentage of cocoa mass, to offer a full, intense and slightly bitter taste.

Eataly’s signature chocolate boxes:

  • Gianduiotti inspired by Piedmontese chocolate traditions, a sweet temptation for all lovers of quality ingredients. Blending an excellent and aromatic fine cocoa with Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, to give you a unique velvety consistency on the palate.
  • Enjoy a taste of artisanal Turin chocolate in our Truffle box, where hazelnuts and cocoa meet to create an irresistible treat! Tasty dark and milk chocolate envelops a soft heart of Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, forming a velvety and delicious praline.

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