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T&C’s for Eataly’s online shop

  1. Foreword. The Conditions applicable to each order shall be those set out on the Site at the time the order is placed. Any new conditions shall be effective from the time of publication on the Site and shall apply only to sales concluded after such publication. The order sent by the Customer has the value of a contractual proposal and the Customer explicitly states that he fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
  2. Products and Substitutions. The products and prices indicated on the Site constitute an offer to the public to be made in the manner contained on the Site itself and in these Conditions. The Customer may purchase only the products indicated, illustrated, and described on the Site upon confirmation of the order. The Customer acknowledges that, due to the possible simultaneous access to the website by more than one user, the availability of individual products may vary significantly during the same day concerning the indications reported on the Website. In consideration of this, the Customer will be notified of the temporary unavailability of the product which may be replaced with an identical product but of a different brand or with a similar product of the same price or as close as possible. If, after attempting to communicate with the customer both by telephone and email, without receiving a response within 5 hours before booking the delivery, the order will not be shipped.
  3. Prices. The prices shown on the Site are inclusive of VAT. No increases or decreases may be calculated on the price determined at the time the order is confirmed, even for promotions that may have occurred subsequently or have been previously concluded. The cost of delivery and shipping, where applicable, is not included in the price of the products.
  4. Orders.

a) Order confirmation.

Once the online product order procedure provided by the Site has been completed, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming the order placed, with a summary of the products, prices, total amount, date, and time of delivery.

The unavailability of a product after the completion of the procedure, with its consequences on delivery times, will be communicated to the Customer, allowing the latter to choose whether to confirm the order anyway, modify it or cancel it. The order sent by the Customer shall be binding only with the completion of the relevant online procedure and the sending of the confirmation e-mail.

b) Order modification and cancellation

The Customer, when delivery is not scheduled, may cancel the entire order, or change it within 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time.

In the event of unexpected and unforeseen logistical and organisational difficulties, the company may cancel or modify the order by notifying the Customer by e-mail or, subject to agreement with the same, change the day and/or time of delivery.

  1. Pick up and Click and Collect. The customer who requested pick up or click and collect for the products must collect the order within 48 hours at the designated info point. If the customer shows up after the established 48 hours, they will have to wait for the order to be prepared for delivery.
  2. Delivery of products. The Customer acknowledges that the delivery date of the products is merely indicative. The responsibility for the products, except defects on the goods not attributable to transport, shall be borne by the company until the moment of delivery of the same to the forwarding agent or the carrier in charge.

At the time of delivery of the products by the courier, the Customer, shall check that the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transport document and that the packaging is intact, undamaged or in any case altered, checking with particular care for any signs indicating the breakage of the goods sent, such as, for example, the presence of leaking liquids and/or the presence of moisture on the packaging. Any damage to the packaging and/or the products and/or the mismatch in the number of packages must be immediately notified to the courier by the Customer, with a declaration of acceptance “subject to verification of the contents” to be issued to the employee in charge of deliveries.

The Customer also undertakes to immediately report to the company by email any problems concerning the physical integrity, correspondence and/or completeness of the products received.

The Customer may indicate a destination for the goods other than the invoicing address. If the different destination does not appear in the order confirmation e-mail or is subsequently requested by the Customer, the latter shall request through the appropriate section of the Site the reissue of the order confirmation, rectified with the new address. If, for whatever reason, the different delivery address does not appear on the order confirmation, and the Customer has not requested the correction in the manner described above, the delivery shall be made to the billing address, with the exoneration of any responsibility on the part of the company.

  1. Responsibility for deliveries. Furthermore, the company shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, wrong or non-delivery caused by force or fortuitous events, such as (by way of example) adverse weather conditions, strikes (of its own or other employees), accidents to means of transport, pandemics, or any other cause, similar or different.
  2. Payments and receipts. For each order, the company shall issue a tax receipt for the products purchased by the Customer. The receipt shall be issued based on the information provided by the Customer at the time of registration on the website; the Customer assumes all responsibility for the correctness of said information. The information contained in the receipt may not be changed by the Customer after it has been issued.
  3. Refunds and Exchange. The Customer has the right to cancel, in whole or in part, from the online order within fourteen working days from the receipt of the products. The customer must communicate the intention to cancel the order or exchange any products, attaching a copy of the receipt/invoice. Refund and exchanges will be offered on a case by case basis.

For refunds requested, the company shall refund the sum paid by the Customer, within fourteen working days of receipt of the notice of cancellation. In the case of shipped products, the Customer, after having forwarded a declaration of withdrawal in the manner indicated above, will receive from the company a shipping label to return the products. In the case of products delivered without shipping, the withdrawal of the products will be carried out by an agent of the company at the address where the delivery took place.

The customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal in the event of: 

-products sealed and opened by the Customer.

-tailor-made or customised products.

-products that by their nature cannot be returned, at risk of alteration or deterioration.

The Customer shall in any case be held liable for any diminution in the value of the returned goods in the event of improper handling and/or use.

Any refunds will be processed within 3 working days.

  1. Responsibility for delivered products. The company fully guarantees compliance with the quality standards of the products delivered. The Customer acknowledges that the images and descriptions on the Site are indicative and subject to possible modification by the manufacturers.

The company cannot be held liable: 

  • the temporary or permanent unavailability of one or more products.
  • product information provided by manufacturers and/or distributors.
  • the poor condition of the products due to unsuitable storage of the products by the Customer.
  • for any damage suffered by the Customer directly or indirectly attributable to the use of the Site.
  1. Privacy Protection. The company guarantees the processing of the Customer’s personal data in compliance with the regulations on privacy and the information in the relevant section of the Site. Click here to view our full privacy policy.
  2. Order limits. We have implemented limit orders for our products. If you wish to place an order exceeding these limits, please contact our customer service for assistance.


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