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How to store and clean fresh truffles

Hunted in the wild forests of Italy, fresh truffles are only available for a few months each year. Keep reading to discover how to take care of this rare and wonderful delicacy...

Truffles are best enjoyed as fresh as possible, so you can fully experience the full deep aromas and earthy flavours. Don’t wait more than two to three days to enjoy after you purchase your truffle, and never buy a pre-cut one, unless you plan to use it immediately (don’t worry, we would never sell you a pre-cut truffle!).

So you’ve chosen your fresh truffle – now what? Follow these top tips when taking care of your truffle<

  1. When it comes to storage, avoid moisture at all costs.
  2. Place the delicious truffle in clean tissue paper or a breathable container at room temperature in a dark space.
  3. Change the tissue paper daily to avoid the build-up of moisture and to retain aroma.
  4. Make sure to never freeze your truffles!
  5. We also recommend that you store your truffle on its own.
  6. Products like rice or salt will absorb the aroma, so avoid them unless you intend to flavour the rice or salt.
  7. It may have become slightly oxidized, so don’t worry if the colour is slightly red.
  8. When it comes to how to clean truffles, there is at least one certain rule, don’t use water or soap but instead, remove any dirt with a soft brush.  
  9. When you are finally ready to enjoy your prized truffle, thinly shave the truffle over your finished dish and enjoy the earthy unique taste.   

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